Annual Report 2021

Banyan Tree

BTMA was established in 2008 to support Banyan Tree Group’s organisational goals, by advancing people development, managing excellence and providing learning with integrity and meaning. Senior management is directly involved in BTMA’s workshops, helping to communicate, instill and exemplify Banyan Tree Group’s culture and core values.

Alternative Local Quarantine (ALQ) Training

BTMA recorded a global average of 5.58 hours of training per month per associate in 2021, despite the challenges of COVID-19 and the temporary closure of some properties. We were able to achieve this by using online training as our main platform. This made it possible for associates from different geographies to learn together, with group assignments enhancing engagement and building team spirit. Over the course of the year, we facilitated 124 online training sessions and workshops for a total of 3,732 participants. 

Over the course of the year, we facilitated 124 online training sessions and workshops for a total of 3,732 participants.

Instilling Our Eight Cultures
Banyan Tree Group embraces Eight Cultures essential for organisational and individual success: Our IMWY (“I Am With You”) Service Culture, Our Wellbeing Culture, and Our Sustainability Culture, which are mindsets for Leading Self; Our Diversity and Inclusion Culture, Our Marketing Culture and Our Team Culture, which are mindsets for Leading Others; and Our Innovation Culture and Our Learning Culture, which project a crafted future through continual innovation and learning.

Our IMWY Service Culture was officially launched in November 2020. Since then, a total of 6,617 associates globally have benefitted from training in this, including 114 associates from the Singapore Corporate Office.

In 2021, BTMA began rolling out training for the remaining cultures: Our Wellbeing Culture (14 sessions attended by 517 associates), Our Sustainability Culture (13 sessions for 485 associates), Our Diversity and Inclusion Culture (15 sessions for 515 associates), Our Marketing Culture (25 sessions for 619 associates), Our Team Culture (11 sessions for 371 associates), Our Innovation Culture (eight sessions for 345 associates) and Our Learning Culture (seven sessions for 187 associates).

To make them accessible to a wider audience, Our Eight Culture Workshops are also available for self-paced learning in English and other languages on BTMA’s online Learning Management System.

Meeting Learning Needs

BTMA continued to respond to the Learning Needs Analysis for the Group’s hotel properties, by training the trainers designated for each property.

Together with senior human resource associates, BTMA revised the Interviewing Skills Workshop and conducted three sessions attended by a total of 63 associates. The Service Recovery Course also underwent revision with the input of senior Learning Managers, with three sessions held for 85 associates. Meanwhile, three sessions of the Time Management Workshop were attended by 81 property-nominated trainers.

In addition, BTMA facilitated three sessions of the Learn to Lead Workshop for 37 associates, one session of Ctrip Online Learning for 42 associates, and one Women of the World Workshop for 14 associates.

Our Service Culture – “I Am With You”
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